Rice Cooker Meals:
Fast Home Cooking for Busy People

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6 x 9 size, 96 pages, 60 meals, thousands sold at $12.95

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(bullet points of slide show):


  • Welcome to the "Kitchen Revolution"
  • Feed a family of four for under $10 and have leftovers!
  • College students can eat like a King (or Queen) for an entire week!
  • Less mess to clean up -- get out of the kitchen quicker!
  • Make easy meals in just 30 minutes!
  • Prepare meals for a week to store in your fridge
  • Amazing time-saving alternative to conventional cooking -- right there on your counter!
  • The SECRET: one pot cooking in a RICE COOKER!
  • The rice cooker is not just for rice anymore!
  • A rice cooker is like a portable kitchen -- all you need is an electrical outlet
  • Cook a meal practically anywhere
  • Bring it to work and set it up in the break room, on a spare desk, or the office kitchen.
  • Remodeling your kitchen? Just moved in? Stove not working? Use a rice cooker!
  • Power outage? Hurricane? Have a generator? Just plug in your rice cooker!
  • Tasty gourmet cooking that's less expensive and healthier than fast food!
  • No need to heat up the entire kitchen with all the stove burners on
  • If guests drop by unexpectedly, throw a meal together quickly
  • This cookbook is perfect for:
  • >> Busy people on the go
  • >> College dorms
  • >> Tailgating Parties
  • >> Empty Nesters -- makes it easy to cook for two
  • >> Campers and RVers -- good food while on the road
  • >> Parties, church socials & get-togethers of all kinds
  • >> Small apartments -- you don't have to heat up the whole place
  • Children are winning 4-H cooking contests using our cookbook


Photos from slide show:
Blackeyed pea & sausage jambalaya Pizza Pastalaya Cajun pepper steak Shrimp Jambalaya

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